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Learn More About Grade 9 at KCS

Kingston Christian High School (KCHS) offers a transformative Grade 9 experience, where students are immersed in an active, faith-based learning environment designed to foster collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking. By encouraging constant dialogue, problem-solving, and spiritual growth, KCHS nurtures confident, self-aware leaders prepared to make a positive impact on their community. Our dynamic campus supports this holistic educational journey, featuring adaptable spaces that facilitate cooperative learning and strong teacher-student partnerships. Enrolling in Grade 9 at KCHS means joining a community dedicated to helping students explore their unique gifts and talents, anchored in God’s Word and the teachings of Jesus Christ, setting the stage for a lifetime of purpose and impact.

At Kingston Christian High School (KCHS), students will earn ministry credits toward a Secondary School Graduation Diploma, and be taught by qualified teachers. Because KCHS values the uniqueness of each individual student and their potential to contribute significantly to our learning climate, there are special opportunities for each one to develop their individual gifts and pursue their purpose through:

Thank you for your interest in Kingston Christian High School. Kingston Christian (Elementary) School has been providing quality education in a safe, caring, and family-like atmosphere for Kindergarten to Grade 8 for over 60 years. Our mission is to uncover and establish in the hearts and minds of students the foundation of a biblical worldview as the inseparable unity of faith and learning.  The unique gifts and talents of students are explored and cultivated to the point of flourishing. Equipped with purpose, and prepared to excel, students will enter the world to engage culture and transform it for God’s glory.

Two years ago, our school board began to plan the next 10+ year journey for KCS and determined at that time to commit to elevating our school vision to include a distinctively Christian High School for Kingston.  After much planning, this vision is ready to share with the community.

Over the next four years we will be adding one grade per academic school year.
Grade 9: 2024/2025
Grade 10: 2025/2026
Grade 11: 2026/2027
Grade 12: 2027/2028

A Vision 60 Years in the Making

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A Place to Belong: Start Your Grade 9 Journey with Us

  • Daily faith formation and discipleship activities,
  • meeting regularly with an advisor throughout the school year,
  • Building relationships with peers and trusted mentors so that they experience Christian community and discover their place within it.
  • Opportunities to explore leadership and an entrepreneurial mindset by connecting with community business mentors.
  • A yearly celebration of learning where students synthesize their passions, Bible study and faith formation experiences, and vocation explorations into a “Stand and Deliver” presentation.  In this profession of faith, learning, and skill development, students will share a summary of their year long journey and the goals they have for the next.

Why Families are Choosing Kingston Christian High School

A Message 
from Our Principal

These are exciting times! After a time of robust growth, Kingston Christian School is thrilled to be offering Grade 9 in the fall of 2024. We have spent many hours planning, consulting, and praying for God’s best and God’s blessing on this project. We know there is much to be done on our part and trusting the Lord to help us, we are reaching out to the community to ask for help.

First, I would like you to have faith for us, and in us. I trust you to believe with us that this is God‘s beautiful vision for Christian education, and that KCS is not being ambitious, KCS is being obedient. Your prayers are so needed and so appreciated.

Grade 9 Curriculum at KCHS

Preparing our students to impact and serve their community with their gifts and talents, we will teach them to be active participants in their own learning. Respecting this new phase in their lives, they’ll be encouraged to collaborate, as they share their ideas, opinions, and thoughts through constant dialogue. They will be encouraged to seek creative ways to solve problems, and nurture God’s love, so they’ll become the Christian leaders, critical thinkers and responsible citizens our society needs them to be.

We will teach self-awareness so that the students are confident in their strengths and abilities. They will learn how to self-assess their progress and plan avenues for improvement. They will be encouraged to share their gifts by serving others within their community. They will aspire to excellence discovering their God-given uniqueness and role, anchored in God’s Word and Jesus Christ.

KCHS will have a dynamic space where the needs of students in each discipline and in diverse tasks can be met with a change of environment and layouts. Our space will support collaboration through group work and cooperative learning, where teachers partner with students in their learning process.


Unleash Potential in Grade 9: Discover the KCHS Difference for Your Child

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Secondly, for those with Grade 8 students, we need you to enroll without delay. Although much work has gone into planning, there is still much to be done.  By mid April, the High School Committee and the KCS Board will determine whether to invest time and resources into a launch this fall or next.  So if enrolling is something that you are considering, let’s talk now.  With secure numbers, we will be able to move forward and be much better prepared for September than if we wait for families that are sitting in the bushes to come forward at the 11th hour.

Lastly, volunteers are needed. We have plans for renovations of our spaces in the coming months. As well, our committee is working on raising funds to offset our start up costs. Please let me know if you can help.

Let your Lion ROAR at KCHS!
Jennifer Shoniker